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I said, "I'm gonna have myself in shambles

Before your folks are up and looking for some answers."

21 May
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  [...] (But in the crowd I) / Caught a glimpse of your eye / Everything freezes / I'm in an old photograph / I'm back from the start / Caught a glimpse of your eye / Everything freezes and I'm ready / To give you my heart

  Mayday, Mayday / Too many voices too much noise in my ear / Don't want to lose contact over this black ocean / Now you sing follow love / I'll be safe in devotion

  .:About me:.
My Name is Dominique. I am a freshamn in college. I don't have too many friends friends because I am a loner but I do have a group of very close friends that I have known for 10 years or longer. I am not a very open person when it comes to how I am feeling. Instead of me talking about how I am feeling, I express my feelings through the poems that I write. I love to write. One day I hope to become a journalist. Music is my life. Without it I would be nothing. I play guitar, though, not too well but I still enjoy it. I like to skateboard even though I am horrible at it. The first time I tried to skateboard I fell off the board and almost broke my arm and my back. I just laid on the ground unable to move. I am a huge anime freak! Overall I am a very nice person as long as you are on my good side.

Death cab for Cutie, Jethro Tull, Taking back Sunday, Incubus, Bright eyes, The Early November, Brand New, 3 Doors Down, A perfect Circle, Coheed & Cambria, CKY, Dropkick Murphys, HIM, Seether, Blink 182, Dashboard Confessional, Green Day, Evanescence, Senses Fail, Linkin Park, Story of the Year, 3 days grace, Finch, Jet, Hoobastank, Mest, Lost Prophets, Nirvana, Rufio, Staind, Sugar Cult, The Rasmyth, Smile Empty Soul, Something Corporate, The Used, The Starting Line, Pink Floyd, ect...

Inuyasha, The Perks of being a Wallflower, music, guitar, writing poems, emo, indie, punk, ska, lip rings, skateboarding, hot topic, pac sun, mall, movies, playing practical jokes on people, my friends, my boyfriend, AIM, your mom, Livejournal, paint shop pro, digital cameras, emo glasses, dvd, swimming, taking long walks on the beach, anime, winter, hoodies, jumping in leaves, snow, rain. hockey, the mets, going to hockey games, vintage, viva la bam, pirates of the caribbean, lord of the rings, sleeping, south park, wolfs rain, adult swim, the nightmare before christmas

Racial people, rude people, spiders, heights, needles, bush, war, pop music, rap, bright colors, bugs, the sound of snoring, very hairy backs, feet, sand, the flyers, boring people, people who smell, homophobics, bats, bugs, politics

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